Acer aspire 7520 will not start with the charger plugged in

i have an acer aspire 7520-5757 will only start if I unplug the ac adapter?
After it starts I plug it in and it charges the battery ect. If I click to restart the system it does. If I shut it down then I have to unplug the charger again to start it. Also if I enter the cmos then save & exit it shuts down instead of rebooting to windows but only with the charger plugged in. I have changed the dc jack and that was no help. Anybody know what is causing this? Thanks
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  1. most likely a faulty AC adapter, it's probably working enough to provide power for the battery charging circuit but otherwise it's malfunctioning which is why your laptop isn't working
  2. no I don't believe it's the charger. I have a universal charger that I tried in it and it does the same thing. Thanks for your input
  3. in that case it would be a faulty mobo, which then really sucks, cause it's expensive to replace if not on warranty

    that being said I'd double check the AC adapter with multi tester. Reason is universal adapters are nice and jolly but sometimes they don't autodetect correctly.
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