Can one of these gaming laptops play Everquest 2?

Can an ASUS G74, Clevo P150HM, or Clevo P170HM play Everquest 2 on good settings and resolution with good frame rates?
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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes.
  2. Awsome. But that link showed the desktop equivalents; not the 560M dedicated cards.
  3. Are you talking about my signature? It's just there because I use it a lot when people ask about what video card to pick, not part of the post.
  4. lets see, I'll take a guess and say those come with minimum a GTX 560M

    see here: Bench marks around the bottom
  5. Okay. I was wondering if the 560m with 3Gb memory will be able to play all games on high settings for the next three years. If it can, then i will buy a G74 from ASUS. But is having the ability to upgrade ones gaming laptop, really that much of a boon?, if there is a new shipset coming out next year then I dont see the point of getting an mxm fully upgradeable Sager gaming laptop.

    I'm so lost. I cannot decide at which gaming laptop to get.
  6. Looking to play EQ2 at "good settings" and now it's "all games for next 3 years" is a bit different.

    Look at the benchmarks for the different video cards, get the fastest one. There are new chipsets and video cards coming up every year, heck every half-year. The 560M is a good card, but not the best. If you want something that will play any game on high settings for a few years, you really need to get a top of the line or very close to it card today.
  7. yeah, i know man. Sorry about that. My head is goin all over the place about this laptop stuff. would a 6990M be good enough?
  8. hardwareman11 said:
    yeah, i know man. Sorry about that. My head is goin all over the place about this laptop stuff. would a 6990M be good enough?

    That card is a step over the 560M, will have a longer usable life for sure.
  9. next 3 years, well unless you can tell me the specs for the games coming out for the next 3 years it's really hard to say.

    you can see what the card can handle today and what resolution and graphics settings and fps (see link I gave above)

    I don't know how well it will do in 3 years. Generally i'd say it should handle its own for 2 years, but that's just a guess. In some cases you might get away with just running it at lower resolution or you might have to turn it down to medium to get playable fps. It all depends on the games.
  10. Yeah. Thanks man. But anyway back on topic.

    How would a G74 and a Clevo P150Hm or P170hm run on Everquest at high settings, maybe; say 720 resolution? with a 2370qm I7 CPU at 2.2Gzh I think with turbo boost up to 3. something Gzh?
  11. well going by these reqs:
    Intel Core 2 2.4 GHz or greater, 2 GB RAM (XP), 4 GB (Vista/Windows 7), DirectX 9 compatible video card, NVIDIA 8800GTS/ATI 3850 pixel shader and vertex shader compatible hardware with 512 MB of HTMLure memory or greater, DirectSound compatible audio hardware, Broadband Internet connection, 14 GB hard drive space.

    you should be able to max with any of those laptops. they all come with minimum i7 quad core and 560M matches up roughly to GTS 450, which is better than 8800gts any day.

    so you should be pretty set, imo
  12. Okay. Thats great to hear. Thanks man.
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