Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro solid blue screen


Following system.

Asus A7V333
Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro
1gb PC2700 DDR 333
SB Audigy

Windows XP Pro
One of latest BIOS for mainboard.
6.13.0010.6178 Radeon drivers. (also tried latest)
DX9 now installed.

System was SOLID for like 3-4 months at least, never a hang.
Been away for a week, come home, switch on, 2 solid blue screens.
Once whilst playing Asherons Call 2, in game screen goes solid blue and locks PC.
Next trying to run Haegemonia, entering game same problem.

Also got a Blue screen in windows trying to run Asus Probe stupidly didnt take full details was just way too annoyed to have 3 serious crashes in 1 day.

Any ideas? Sounds like HW to me, but why?

Was going to try trashing and reinstalling OS? Any point?


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  1. Did you install DX9 before or after the hang ups?? Or did you do something maybe you didn't remember before leaving?? Stop downloading porn (just kidding).

    Sounds like a driver probably didn't take good or something. Would I say that some piece of hardware went bad??? Maybe but that wouldn't where I would look first. I would hold off on redoing the OS as a last resort. Verify your drivers- maybe even reinstall DX9 then the graphics driver again, double check nothing funny is running in the background, if that is all ok- then I would do the OS and after that- I would go onto hardware.

    Good Luck
  2. No, I did DX9 install after experiencing the probs. As I updated the ATI drivers I also did DX9. Thought why not, machine is unstable anyway.
    That sorted some visual probs in AC2, but probs started before ANY change was made.
  3. Could be a lot of things, power or heat are the main suspects. Power problems could make you loose your video or lock your CPU, heat problems could make you loose your video or memory.

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