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  1. Well i cant read german or whatever, but if those are true ill be pissed as i was expecting more.
    I wasnt expecting like 10x9700pro, but something more than that. Plus you dont know all the details of that test, and what options/settings he had everything at in the toolbar.
    Ill wait for THG to do some stuff before i make any conclusions.
    Im still gonna get one even if those are accurate, its still better, oh, and read my sig.

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  2. I just found the same benchs in german here
    <A HREF="http://www.tecchannel.de/hardware/1109/" target="_new">http://www.tecchannel.de/hardware/1109/</A>
    I was not impressed either. I just bought my Radeon 9700pro and am glad I did. Even if those are just initial drivers and they do improve it still won't be worth the price difference when it finally hits the market.

    Its been said Ati is waiting to release R350 depending on the FX performance. But as I see it now they don't need to rush anything. if R350 is still using 0.15 micron and running 400/400 with DDRII it will destroy the FX.

    I'm sure all the Loyal Nvidia users will welcome the FX but it just doesn't seem that great based on those numbers. And it may seem performance wise ATI has nothing to worry about.

    We still have to wait and see with shipping drivers and a final product. so until then thats just my 5c.
  3. In terms of games, the the majority of the ones they tested weren't new, nor utilizing either the r9700 nor the fx's features, so those were kinda raw tests. I personally am excited about this card b/c it looks to have a lot of potential for pro stuff and given its accuracy, it may very well replace the cpu in rendering images (wouldn't that be nice...imagine the optimizations and what the viewports will be able to do.....*drools*)

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  4. I doubt the R350 .15 micron tales. You see, ATI has been pushing the foundries to get .13 micron running. They tried to do it in time for the 9700, but the foundries weren't ready. I suspect they are in the final phases of transition now and already producing .13 micron samples.

    You see, ATI didn't WANT to use the extra power input needed for that large die chip. But they did, it was a comprimise. The .13 shrink will enable them to clock the R350 to higher speeds at lower voltages and with less heat. Unless other parts of the card are sucking a lot of juice, the new card probably won't need the extra power input.

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  5. good points crash. But even if they release it on 0.15 with a power connector I believe it won't have any problems surpassing the FX considering the 9700pro looks like it will keep up in some benchmarks. Plus we have yet to see Bandwidth limited benchmarks where I believe the 9700pro might outshine the FX considering it has more Real bandwidth than the FX. (16GB vs 19.8GB). All in all 2003 should be a good year for price drops on highend cards and hopefully we see more direct X 8.1 games on the market besides Doom 3.
  6. Yes, I was about to get a 9500 and do the 9700 Pro mod to it, then I decided if I wait a month or two I can just get the 9700 Pro for that price. You see, I fell for that kind of mod with my Radeon DDR LE TVO, when I went to sell the card modified to retail spec, it had no value.

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  7. <A HREF="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/urltrurl?lp=de_en&url=http://www.tecchannel.de/hardware/1109/index.html" target="_new">Here's a Bablefish version of the original article</A>.

    <A HREF="http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10076" target="_new">Here's most of the gaming benchies laid out nicely so you can see them together</A>.

    Rumors are still 0.15 and a 400mhz or higher core speed so I guess we'll just have to wait.

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  8. hehehe, wait till ATi realeases the R350. and i agree what the others have said, it is still too early to conclude the overall performance of FX. especially when its driver is still halfbaked. hopefuly, we get a comprehensive bench soon from THG.
  9. THG benches of GF-FX is available now, it shows that GF-FX is not that better than Radeon 9700 Pro. Sometimes it's even slower than R9700 Pro. It's the P4 of grpahics chips, since it comes with ultra high clock speed. R350 is probably going to kill GeForce FX.

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  10. Nvidia tried to pull a fast one. Paper launch the god of all cards in order to stop people from buying Ati cards for months.

    This type of business has to stop.

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  11. How is it even possible that the FX is so close to the 9700 Pro?? I'm truly amazed. Granted it's better, but not by much. I was expecting SO MUCH MORE!

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  12. yer, this is highly unimpressive
    I am still going to buy a 9700 pro
    whats all this about tom saying "nvidia is soo cool i love nvidia" when obviously their latest attempts to make a better card have failed.
    rawr! if ati increase their clock speed, they will obviously piddle on the nvidia fx cards.
    oh well, nice try.
  13. hehe. and, compared to raw performance (clock speeds, memory speeds, and all), it is much slower than the radeon:D can't wait for a radeon with such a cooling system, ddr2 ram, and at that clockspeed.

    i told to you, that card sucks, compared to what they announced.

    so its now leader. but only by numbers. by price, by availability, and by design, its ati. this card is bruteforce crap.

    oh, and the energy consumation is damn high, really. i want to get an xpc soon (as soon as one with granite bay is out). but this card is impossible to run in an xpc.

    and just think. that thing is yet .13.. the radeon isn't. if ati can catch up all the bruteforce levels with its radeon, it would beat up nvidias ass, hehe:D

    anyways. its a happy monday for me. nvidia prooves to not do anything but big fat marketing.

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  14. errr..there's something obviously no one noticed....

    The FX is VERY VERY VERY NOISY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nvidia cant be serious!!!...download those 3 MP3 files in Tom's review..and u'll see what i mean...man...that hairblower is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

    I read earlier on Rage3D forums...that the team behind the MATROX Parhelia were all FIRED...well...with a product like the FX...after a whole year...and obviously not related to .13u....what was the FX team doing???

  15. Eventhough I purchased Pro and think that ATI's catching up with Nvidia in terms of sales is good for the industry(I HATE monopolies), I can't believe that at its release, the gap the FX makes will be so minimal. I mean in UT2003, there's basically no performance increase. Well maybe it is considering it's supposed retail price of only $399 (currently what a retail Pro runs for). These have to be unoptimized drivers and a beta card.
  16. Who are Nvidia trying to kid by saying they'll reduce the noise?!? If it needs that kind of cooling, they ain't got a chance in hell. More chance of the hole up my ass healing up.

    And the Temp?? 68C OUTSIDE a case! WTF?!
    Some dumbass is gonna put it in a case with no extra cooling and it'll all go tits-up.
  17. Bag O Shite !!!

    LMAO AT the former self of Nvidia. Oh well It was nice knowing them I suppose !


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  18. Quote:
    Nvidia cant be serious!!!...download those 3 MP3 files in Tom's review..and u'll see what i mean...man...that hairblower is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

    I very much agree. If I was given a GeForce FX, I would rather swap it for a 9500 pro than keep it. Maybe if I had the computer in the next room with cables going through the wall, I wouldn't mind having the GFFX, but otherwise how could you enjoy any of your games or movies or music with that background noise? I normally don't like running a vacuum cleaner in the background when I listen to music.
  19. I can't believe they would release an almost 80dB card that requires throttling.

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  20. just read the last statement from tomshardware.. comparison with voodoo5.. hehe.. did 3dfx died before or after the release of that card? :D

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  21. It just makes me wonder about all the people that posted that they were waiting for the GeForceFX. I guess you wouldn't have to worry about getting a noisy CPU fan because you still wouldn't be able to hear it over your graphics card.

    Maybe the prices will drop a little for them, but they could have been enjoying the Radeon 9700 pro for the last few months... that is worth paying a little money for in my opinion.
  22. Its sad, really because now theres not a huge hurdle for ATI to overcome. Id rather have seen NVidia come out with this supercard that blew everything away because i know that ATI has the time advantage and would come out with something even greater. That would lead to another innovation by NVidia and so on and so on. By that time, maybe i'd actually consider buying one of the earlier generation cards since theyd be cheaper....dont think im ever going to shell out $300 for a video card.

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  23. I wondered how long it woudl take ATI, the aged experienced giant she is, to get off the ass and put the hurt to nvidia.

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  24. Well, I'm one of those that was waiting for FX. Now that I see the benches & of course heard the audio files I'm pretty disappointed. I wouldn't tolerate the noise of that card in my case. I also have a lot of other doubts or questions about the card. The weight & vibration on the APG slot off the MOBO is a concern of mine. I'd suspect it's going to take a fairly descent 300 w PSU to run it & lot of problems are going to probably turn up over that. The small lead / drivers. It wouldn't be the first time Nvidia has sandbagged on drivers, so I wonder how much more potential there is there & when they'll let it loose. Or if that's the most out of it, I doubt that though really.

    Yea for sheer weight saving & noise I'd say a this moment 9700 Pro would have to be taken seriously & the performance doesn't take much of a hit either. FX is going to have to show more than that to justify it's enormous size & weight, at least in my book & I've loved every one of my Nvigia cards, SIGH.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!! Trouble comes with the things you forget or overlook along the way that make it not so fun!!
  25. just imagine how the average customer of PC's would feel? They'd buy that new super powerful Dell only to find out it sounds like a jet engine.

    Nvidia will probably release a better model of the FX within 4 months, but what can it do? They'll just pump up the clock speeds even more and the card will run very hot.

    I was looking forward to replacing my GF3Ti500, but I think i'm gonna wait for this upcoming, legendary Radeon. That'll be the first time in 5 years I'd be using an ATI card.

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  26. Its insane that the card should actually run as hot as is mentioned in the review ! It will dramatically raise temps in the case as the rear of the card will blatently act like a Radiator...

    And Overclocking possibilities of this card look like a No Go !

    I thought that a Volcano 7+ running at medium was too loud... but good lord this FX thing makes it look positively quiet !!

    To be absolutely honest I don't know how nVidia had the balls to actually release this card. I would have seen it as nothing more than a great embarassment. Ok its faster... But so bloody what ? At what cost (Deafness) ? I went through a period of time where only the very fastest would do... But I think that even back then I wouldn't have bought this card given the chance !


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  27. Well I'm running my TI4600 so I can wait a good long time. But I'm still disappointed none the less. I thought this was a "go for the juggler type card" & it hardly seems like that now.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!! Trouble comes with the things you forget or overlook along the way that make it not so fun!!
  28. I almost broke down and cried when I saw those benchmarks on THG. I have been meaning to replace my GF3TI500 as well. I have always been an Nvidia Fan and currently use and old Nforce board and just bought the new A7N8X (NF2). I sure hope that they come out with something better or that the release drivers/noise level are better. For the ammount of apparent power and required cooling, the GF FX should be at least 1.5 times faster that ATIs 9700 Pro. I am somewhat of a pureist and don't like the idea of a non Nvidia Video card on my Nforce2, but from the look of things, I may have to. The results of these THG test have totally screwed with my update schedule as well. I was going to get a new Barton and the GF FX. Now it loos like I will only be getting the BArton and haveing to put up with my GF3 Ti500 for a few more months at least.
  29. Look at the bright side! You don't have to buy a new blow dryer for your girl friend if her old one breaks :-)

    Seriously.... I think heads will be rolling at nVidia, and as someone mentioned, it must have required LOTS of balls to release this very expensive fan with a PCB attached to it. I have always liked nVidia cards, but I'm not a fanboy (I'm as disloyal as graphics customers get), and my Geforce 3 is ok for the moment. I will probably wait until summer to upgrade my PC - hopefully with a hammer and a R3500.

    My first response when I heard the noise made by this card, was to laugh. I kept laughing for almost a minute as I put the mp3 on repeat. Then I got some from my dorm to listen too and we laughed and laughed and..... then we looked at the benchmarks...... and then we laughed some more.

    To sum it up:
    1. I really had expected much more from this card!!!


  30. At least the development guys at ATI can take a loooooonnnnng vacation now! They haven't exactly got much to worry about have they?

    But maybe Nvidia have started a new craze. Never mind the fps, here's the Db, all friggin 80 of them!
    Will ATI go 100+?
    And will Nvidia's partners issue "Deafened by nvidia" stickers?! What about branded ear defenders?

    Hmmm, gap in the market here methinks....
  31. Wow its sure damn hot , I live in Israel near the cost and in summer times it gets here around 40c and above all i have my xp1700+ working on 60c ( now in the winter) i could only imagine what will happen to my PC, I'll probably will be able to fry an egg on it :)
    I soled today my Gainwards GF4ti4200 64mb which performes great, so i can upgrade for the upcomming FX , but now i when i heard the noice and its heating abilities , i think to my self that i dont really want another powerfull microwave oven :) so I will stick with the R300
  32. I can't possibly imagine someone buying this card. If I was the one giving a review I would have just cut the review down to 1 sentence: "This card is too loud and is not recommended."

    1. <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030127/geforce_fx-06.html" target="_new">Noise: ~80 dB</A>
    2. 75 Watts
    3. Not overclockable
    4. Negligable performance difference compared to the 9700 Pro

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  33. Seriously! For those of you who haven't listened to the sound clips I would do so. They are by far the funniest thing I've heard in a long time relating to computer hardware. COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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    <A HREF="http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?dhlucke" target="_new">Introducing the NVIDIA GeForceFX: The first Videocard designed exclusively for deaf people!</A></font color=red>
  34. Well, I'm glad that the FX card is coming out for ONE reason. It will drop the prices on the current line of radeon cards. Then I'll go out and buy a 9500 Pro when the FX finally hits the streets.
  35. i think i agree with everything everyone has written, but companies like leadtech, gainward, pny etc... will not bother releasing the card if we all hate it so much, so the only option they will have is to put a nice (quiet) cooler on it, to keep us consumers happy, also the drivers were obviously crap. The best thing to come out of the gf fx may well be the gf4 4200 equivalent when it is released, as it will be cheaper, cooler and quieter, but obviously slower.

    as the owner of a gf2 mx 400 (overclocked) i was looking to upgrade soon, and i never liked ati cards due to an experience with one a while ago, but it looks like the 9500 pro is my only option, COME ON NVIDIA!!!!
  36. MAN!!!! I just finished look at other reviews of the Geforce FX and I am even more flamed than I was earlier today. This is just beyond subpar!!!! How could they spend all this time on something that just plane is not that big of a jump ahead of the competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, 5-10% increase is not that much for the amout power consuption and heat!!! Where is all this power going?? Obviously not into performance. Something that makes that much heat should be cranking out 200-300+ FPS on all of those benches. And what is this this measly 128-bit bus?? Something is seriously wrong here. All us Nvidia fans out there are most likely not happy and something like this may even force a aggrssive NV fan such as myself to make the switch to (shudders) ATI. Does NVIDIA ever read these forums?? Do they actually think this product will do well? It is gona take some kind of miricle to make this product worthy of mine or anybodies money by the time it is released next month!!!! I bet ATI is just loving this. There is nothing like screwing yourself over and letting the competition wipe the floor with you. This is just embarasssing especially with the succes of the Nforce2 Platform, which I currently own and love. Well, sorry for the rant. I needed to get that out though, lol.
  37. Quote:
    to put a nice (quiet) cooler on it, to keep us consumers happy,

    ...and to burn and take down the rest of our computer alive.

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
  38. Flame, since davepermen is hanging around here now and is this forum's potentially most knowledgeable graphics programmer, why don't you sit down and discuss those so-so advanced precision techniques and see just how much of a leap is the FX over the R300 in those added technologies by nVidia, just to see how you are overcherry-topping it, with Dave?

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  39. Sorry but the r350 is .15 the rv350 is .13. By the way I am impressed by the geforce fx but the delays huge fan the heat generated and timing is a turn-off. I still don't understand why it generates so much heat the figures i have seen have left me scratching my head. It makes no sense to me I mean it using a .13 micron fab and low k dielectric.
  40. Well, I think we can safely say that some people can truely be called nVidia 'fan'boys now, hehe.

    And for goodness sake, doesn't nVidia realize that the people who will be buying the top of the line cards are people like us, and we are not people to buy a card that makes my old dustbuster sound quiet.

    <b>Just because I like AMD or Intel more at a time because of one product compared to another, does not make me a fan boy, it makes me a person who is able to make a descision for myself.</b>
  41. Willamette_Sucks did you get jumped by ATI fanboys for yelling that because if it were true you probely wouldnt have legs to stand on that box anymore. lOL maybe..

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  42. I just reread what I wrote earlier and MAN!!! I sure was flamed!! I just hope that the NV31 or NV34 will fix these hang ups or that a released product is better (wishful thinking). But seriously, I will soon be sitting with an AXP 2800+ Barton, TWIN1024 PC3200LLPT (1GIG 2-512s) on an Asus A7N8X with a measly Geforce 3 Ti500. I hate riding the Nvidia/ATI fence, but may have to.
  43. If ATI increased clock speed KahunOr then they would be at the same state the Nvidia with the Fx is. Nvidia is at the state of panic of throwing out a card thats seems to be highly overclocked beyond reconition and having to use crazy cooling that doesnt even seem to work.

    Just think if ATI had some good Drivers and they had .15 micron with ddrII then Id leave my 9700 pro is the closet or at a garage sale. oh man! You wouldnt need a cooling like that fx either nor any additonal power like the 9700pro. :) Id be even set then I am now.

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  44. hey kinney I think Ati is seating around looking at Nvidia and waiting to popout with a supercard whenever Nvidia even gets close to Ati's worthness.

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  45. Its pretty sad that the video card's cooler reaches up to 80dba. If you have your tower on top of your desk, next to your monitor, you'll probably go deaf in a couple years. It should be pretty funny if someone buys a top end system from a company like alienware with that card.
  46. It's the people that pre-ordered the card that got hosed.

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  47. The Design make it looks like a small jet engine and sounds like one also. You'd probly get sick from the none stop ear bleeding buzz from the fan and then get deaf in about a month of ongoing computer gaming use.

  48. Although my other thread has a bunch of examples, here's another one:

    It's like loud singing at a distance of 3 feet.

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    <A HREF="http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?dhlucke" target="_new">Introducing the NVIDIA GeForceFX: The first Videocard designed exclusively for deaf people!</A></font color=red>
  49. I remembered playing counterstrike when I had a volcano 6cu+ installed. That was 39dba and i thought it was loud. For games like counterstrike, sound is very important(at least if you want to win). I had to crank up my speakers so they would override the volcano. I can just imagine how load the speakers have to be if the video card is 80dba...
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