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My old but reliable Toshiba Statellite lap top, which I installed max 3GB RAM on to last Xmas has been running brilliantly since. It copes (just) with HD video editing which I do on Corel video pro 4 software. Having edited the footage I sometimes burn it to DVD or up load on to you tube. That's where a problem has developed recently. When ever I try to render footage of more than 3-4 minutes it switches off. I can tell it is struggling for power and have tried everything to clear unwanted programs and files to give it a chance. Is there anything else that will help?
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  2. can you download a program like hwmonitor ( it's free

    to check your temperatures? It might be switching off because cpu/gpu is getting too hot

    if you see temperatures above 85C that might be the issue. In such case make sure that all the air vents are unobstructed. Get a can of compressed air and blow out all the air vents as good as you can to get the dust out (make sure you turn your laptop off in order to do this)
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