Is it me or what?? (FX rant)

errr..there's something obviously no one noticed....

The FX is VERY VERY VERY NOISY!!!!!!!!!!!

Nvidia cant be serious!!! those 3 MP3 files in Tom's review..and u'll see what i hairblower is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

I read earlier on Rage3D forums...that the team behind the MATROX Parhelia were all FIRED...well...with a product like the FX...after a whole year...and obviously not related to .13u....what was the FX team doing???

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  1. Im pretty sure they noticed, they just "overlooked" it in order to defeat the 9700pro in a "some" of the benchmarks.
  2. Well, who wouldn't want a card that would send them deaf 10 years earlier than expected?!

  3. Those that pre-ordered the card are going to be very upset. I have a feeling this forum is going to get flooded by FX users....

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