Powermanagement on SONY VGN-FZ19VN

I've been running Win7 RC 64bit on my Vaio for quite a while not but I have been thinking the battery life has declined since the install. I had a look at it a couple of weeks ago and wouldn't you know it, there is no powermanagement system active meaning the CPU is running at full speed at all times.

Now SONY does provide 64bit powermanagement software for some models of VAIO but unfortunately I haven't been able to find one for my FZ19VN.

Now my question is has anyone found a way of enabling powermanagement on the FZ19 or the FZ series in 64bit Windows7?
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  1. Win 7 does have it's own power management - You can set it as you like. Should be readily available by typing "power" in the search box - It'll be one of the results.
  2. Sorry I might not have been specific enough with my question.

    I know that windows 7 offers it's own management functionality however I am lacking drivers/software to enable the OS to set CPU-states. This means that my 1.8GHz C2D is running at 1.8GHz at all times leaving me with a much higher powerdraw than required regardless of load.
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    Fundamentally, that is an issue you have to take up with Sony - As they would need to provide the proper chipset drivers if/since Win 7 didn't automatically identify and install them for you. Being the corporation they are, at this juncture, the expected answer from Sony would be along the lines of "Thank You for purchasing your Sony... we cannot support Windows 7... we haven't and won't test it on your older device... but we are working hard to provide the finest available when Win 7 is completed... we look forward to your purchase of a new Sony laptop with Windows 7 in October...

    But if(when?) they're not helpful, the steps you would need to take are to first identify the exact chipset - Services like can be helpful in accomplishing this. Once you have that, you can go to the original manufacturer of the chipset (Intel, AMD, nVidia, Via) and see is an available generic version of the proper driver.

    Be advised that could potentially cause other issues if Sony had to write some proprietary drivers for their hardware.
  4. Yeah unfortunately I've already tried our friends at SONY for assistance but I got the standard BS something along the lines of what you wrote.

    Unfortunately the generic driver provided by intel doesn't work as SONY is using some proprietary stuff in their laptops which is why I created this thread. I did ofc ask for a 64bit Vista driver which is also something SONY aren't going to provide because the computer originally shipped with 32bit vista and isn't covered by their "64bit initiative".
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