Video Switching to Non-Existent DV Monitor

I am building a system for a friend, and have run into a huge brick wall. I can boot to safe mode but trying to boot to normal mode makes the little crawl bar show up then the monitor gives a flash and POWERS DOWN like there is no signal. THe hard drive keeps moving, and I know that the system continues into the boot, because when I type in the admin password, it sets off a flurry of disk activity, like it should. I am about nuts trying to solve this.
Intel D845PESVL
Kensington RAM - 1 stick DDR 512MB
Intel P4 2.53GHz cpu
ATI Radeon 7500 64MB DDR (AGP)
WinXP Pro

Obviously, I am not able to install drivers, etc, until I can see the standard XP desktop.... AAArrrgh!
Any and all help DESPERATELY appreciated.
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  1. This almost sounds like that monitor is uncapable of showing anything at whatever resolution and refresh rate the system is trying to use when booting up normally. Don't really know how to change it back, but you could try putting a bigger/better monitor to it and see what it does.


    Yes, I made it past newbie w00t.
  2. I got it fixed!
    The one thing I hadn't fooled with was the aperature size in BIOS... Changed it from 64 to 128, and normal mode came up in all it's glory. Installed the drivers, and it's ALL good!

    Thanks to all for your help and suggestions... This one had me stumped!
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