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So I own a Acer Aspire 5740g (the i3 330m, HD5650m version)

Its been a pretty good laptop to me for the past year or so, but I've been considering an upgrade (either parts or new laptop, although I strongly prefer parts)
I use my laptop for studying (so internet, microsoft office) a little bit of editing (usually windows movie maker, but I'm purchasing Sony Vegas sometime soon) low spec games (like Age of empires, Titan quest etc) and Minecraft, and watching movies (DVD's etc). It's not for storage, so I only need about 150-200gb, but having a 500gb is nice (just in case)
I was wondering what I can actually upgrade (apart from ram, and even then I'm a little confused on which ram to get)

I currently have a 500gb HDD in, but I don't need my lappy for storage as I have a desktop which is basically my main gaming/storage rig. I was wondering if this laptop could have 2 hard drives installed (1 SSD and 1 HDD or something) or should I just buy a SSD or a faster HDD.

Also, I think its time to upgrade battery. And whats a good laptop cooling thing to get, My laptop heats up quite a bit (it has a really small air vent) and its at the back (so pointing directly at my thighs if its on my lap, and boy does it get hot) I've seen some of those cooling rack kinda things, but I didnt think they would be very useful, however I'm all ears, so please give me your wise words :)

Just trying to remember anything else... Its not Esata, so i can only use USB connection for EXT HDD's and that's all I can think of .

Any questions, just ask and please please please help me out!


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    RAM is always a good upgrade, if the capacity is available.

    Most laptops use SODIMMS and only have 2 slots. Check your specs for the type and speed and remember you are also limited depending on which version OS you are using. If using a 32bit variety, 4GB is the max to bother with, as it will only utilize about 3.75GB max. If running 64bit, then going to 8GB is nice 2x4gb, unfortunately replacing both of the sticks you likely have installed, but is still a n ot to expensive upgrade.

    Not much else you can really accomplish for upgrades

    If you don't make use of your CD/DVD drive very frequently, then this is a great device to add another HDD/SSD to the system ... . It utilizes the DVD drive slot for the 2nd drive. Something I will be purchasing shortly to utilize my new SSD along with the existing 1TB hdd in my 7741G.

    As for laptop coolers, they are a multitude of them with built in fans that would power from a usb slot on the laptop and provide more airflow. I would goto the store with the laptop and find one that has a fan setup that closely aligns to the air vents on your notebook, to get optimum results.
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