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Recently I turned on my computer to find that the display was behaving very erratically in general. Upon booting to any OS (DOS/Linux/WinME/WinXP), the display contains dark grey lines covering almost the entire screen and ghost images that move around in conjunction with open windows. My immediate reaction was to test to see if it was the monitor, even though I suspected the graphics card (due to the moving ghost images), and the monitor worked fine when plugged into my laptop. I then opened up my PC and took a look at my graphics card (OEM Asus AGP v7700 w/ Nvidia GeForce2 GTS chipset) and saw no visible issues. After that I tried downloading Asus SmartDoctor utilities to see if the fan was broken/the card was overheated, but the utilities claim they can't detect an Asus card (I've never used them before since the card is OEM and never came with any Asus utilities, only standard Nvidia drivers).

So, essentially I have no idea why the card would suddenly decide to malfunction in this manner. I haven't changed any settings or added any new devices, and everything else seems to be in working order. Any ideas or probable solutions? Obviously it's OS-independent, as it occurs even during boot-up/BIOS configuration. If anyone can help, please let me know.

If trying to fix it is a lost cause, I'm willing to buy a new video card. Should I even bother getting a new card like the Radeon 9500 Pro or the GeForce4 Ti4400? My system is somewhat dated to begin with. I have an old Socket 423 Asus P4T with a 1.5gHz processor, 256mb PC/800 RDRAM, AGP 2.0, WD1200JB drive, etc etc. Should I buy an even cheaper card? I generally don't even play games, so I'm not sure it's worth paying for the 3d features. My average use is 2d/desktop and quite frequently video as well, so a built-in mpeg2 decoder and a tv-out is not a bad idea. Any suggestions as to what the best card would be? If anyone can offer me help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. buy a Radoen 9700 when the price comes down...which is when Geforce FX goes retail..
    or even cheaper, get a Readon 9500pro
  2. Could it be a power supply issue? I've never had any problems before but I have 5 PCI cards, 2 hard drives, 2 optical drives, floppy disk drive, and my GeForce2 all running simultaneously off a 300w power supply.
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