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So today my stepmom spilled icing sugar all over our laptop. So opened it up and cleaned it out with an air compressor. It seems to run fine but since I never measured the average temps before this incident, I wanted to be sure they were okay. I know laptop temperatures vary from computer to computer and these temps seem fine to me. It was tested in the basement the upstairs where it usually resides is about 22 Degrees Celsius. I live in Canada so the temperatures are always pretty low here. As I type this right now it's fluctuating between 36-37. The Load test was TF2, 7ZIP Ultra Compression of 4GB of random files and a virus scan.

Idle: 35-40 Degrees Celsius
Load: 60-65 Degrees Celsius

Ambient Temperature:
18-20 Degrees Celsius

CPU: I3-380M @ 2.53 GHz
GPU: Intel HD integrated
MB: Samsung Electronics R530/R730/R540
HDD: Samsung HM 641JI 640GB 5400 RPM (I got a temp for the HDD of 34 Degrees)
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1033 MHz Cas Latency 7
OS: Win 7 Home Premium
Screen: 15.6 Inch @ 1366x768

Thank you for your help! If you need any other info ill try and add it right away.
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    You are fine. Don't worry about it until it reach 85c under load for cpu and gpu. HDD of 34c is also fine.
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