Vid Card Manufacturer make a difference?

I'm shopping for Geforce4 MX440 card and noticed you can get em for as low as ~$40 delivered. The manufacturers for that price are Inno3d, Palit, Eagle, Chaintech, Apollo, etc. Does anyone have any experience with any of these, are there any I should steer clear of, or any preferred manufacturers that I haven't listed? Thanks!
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  1. doesn't make too much of a difference because the manufacturer can't mess with the technology too much.check the core/memory speeds on any you are looking at because some manufacturers underclock the core or put slower memory on it than others so that's what you should make your decision based on.

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  2. dont get an mx440 its just crappy.
    you can get a ti4200 or radeon 9000 pro or 9500 non pro for 100-150 and theyre way better
    the order of goodness on those last three would be 9000, ti4200, 9500

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  3. Keep to the well known good sellers such as leadtek, Asus, MSI, etc.

  4. normally i'd suggest a gf4 4200 but looks like he's lookin to spend less than 60 bucks, the brand usually doesn't matter, but try to go with a brand name.

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  5. dude, just spend the extra on a 4200... the geforcemx isn't even good for current games let alone the future.

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  6. NEVER buy a GeForce4 MX card. Get a Radeon 9000 (non-Pro).

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    Scroll down to the Radeon 8500LE that is $75... This would be a great board if you are willing to spend the extra $$$...

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  8. Its not crappy for its respected use..High end?? Maybe.It depends on what it is used for.My Gainward GF2 TI 500 Golden Sample,Overclocked to 300x530,is more than what i need.I keep up with the best of them in most online games.It does more than I Need in all Respects.The MX might be what he wants.Most posters dont really tell what they want it for.When they do,It is allways the wrong thing when it does not work.The point is,,Does he want to play? Or PLAY!!!For the Average Person Any MX is good.

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  9. I would never recommend any MX based card but... My neighbour just picked one up (he's a casual gamer not willing to spend 50 bucks for a new release) and I'm impressed by how it handles games. Mind you it's not a big performer but it works for him.

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