Cd does not have enough space

I am trying to copy a potentially unreadable damaged disk to another cd and they are both the same size but I am getting an error message that the disk is too small to copy to . Is there a work around for this I am trying to recover a lap top and am trying to copy the recovery disks. thanks
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  1. sound almost like a copy protection on the original CD.

    what kind of CD is it?

    what program are you using to clone the CD?
  2. Overburn? Man, I haven't done it for ages.
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    why not copy it to your hard drive or a flash drive first--just to see if you can actually copy it or if its too damaged

    if its scratched and wont copy most dvd rental shops have a machine that polishes the scratches out

    think the last time i had it done in my local blockbuster they only took about £3

    might be a stupid question but are you sure its a cd and not a dvd--if you cant copy it how do you know how

    much data is on there?
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