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I recently purchased an aspire 7551-7422 laptop and I'm having trouble burning dvds on dvd-rw discs using the optiarc DVD RW AD-7585H ATA Device. Is there a driver or firmware that i need to install or maybe a burning program ?
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  1. Even in the absence of an additional burning program, Windows 7 lets your burn CD/DVD. Like when you insert a blank CD/DVD, a window pops up with different options.

    EDIT: Does your optical drive reads CD/DVD fine?
  2. yes when i insert a dvd-rw it asks if i want to use it as a flash drive or a cd/dvd when i choose dvd it begins formatting but the format just goes on and on . I have installed nero 7 and when i try to burn a dvd it says burn session was successful but when i try the disc its empty
  3. 1. Try to update drivers >> Just uninstall the driver from Device Manager and restart laptop. Let Windows install the driver again.

    2. Try this Microsoft Center
  4. Unfortunately, you may have a defective dvd unit.

    Another thought would dictate trying a different brand of DVDRW

    If trying a different brand makes no difference, I would open a report with Acer for a defective drive and get them to replace it, if it's still under warranty.

    Another option, if the drive is defective and not still under warranty, is to buy another type on ebay (or similar), making sure it is the same interface, i.e. pata/sata, and just transfer the faceplate from the defective unit to the new one.
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