Radeon 9700Pro - Too much of an upgrade?


I'm going to replace my GF3 Ti200 sooner or later knowing that it struggles with UT2003 right now and will probably not run Doom 3.

But I'm not sure if the Radeon 9700Pro is for me. I want it, but is it too much of an upgrade? I mean, there's no point having a very fast graphics card if the rest of a system is slow. My system is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-7VTXE
AMD XP1700+
256DDR Samsung memory

Well, do you think it's a worthy upgrade? If not please suggest other graphics cards.

If I do get the 9700Pro, will it be safe with the Zalman heat pipe?


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  1. is that memory sdr or ddr?
    either way, youll eventually have to upgrade your whole system, this is a neverending process, and depending on your personal wants, needs, and financial situation how often and to what you upgrade to is your choice.

    With your current system, upgrading to a 9700 Pro will yield a greater increase in gaming performance than if you were to upgrade your motherboard cpu and ram, which would also be more expensive. So my suggestion is to go for the vid card now, and upgrade the rest of your system later as the 9700 pro should last u another year or so (i like to stay on top!)

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  2. I upgraded my Video card to an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and didn't see a difference, because I am running a 933Mhz PIII @ 133Mhz FSB and RAM. SO the rest of the system does matter, but with a cpu close to 2ghz, you should see quite an improvment.
    And yes I am going to upgrade, voided.freeshell.org/pc.html
  3. I didnt say it didnt matter, i said the graphics card would have a greater impact than an upgrade to the rest of the system in his case.

    I dyed my body green, branded an "n" on my chest, and stood on a box in the middle of Time Square for 3 days shouting, "ATI is the Anti-Christ!" to boost sales after nVidia had a losing quarter.
  4. Its DDR.

    I also like to have the best of the best. My WD SE is an example. I guess that won't need upgrading.

    Man! I thought the 9700Pro would last me longer than a year! Will it run Doom 3 though?

    I'll probably buy it when the price goes down - a very long wait then....

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  5. Yes itll run doom 3 fine, esp. if you upgrade your other components (hard drive not included:)
    Price will be going down steadily because of the FX release and the upcoming R350.
    Maybe 2 years, but personally I would upgrade in a year or so.

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  6. It will likely be able to play the newest games at the highest settings for a year. Then it will play the latest games with medium resolution and the highest detail levels for a year. Then it will play the latest games at medium detail and medium resolution for a year. That's 3 years of good gaming if you're not an extremist.

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  7. Might have trouble upgrading RAM though. I tried adding another 256DDR but POST freezes. Is this a common problem? I use Win98SE.

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  8. 98.....ouch. XP is here for reason...it is good!
  9. W9x has problems if you try going over 1/2 a gig of memory...
    if it is a diff brand of memory you will get loadsa problems (I did, Twinmos & Crucial PC22100 units do NOT mix, couldnt even run 3dmark testing...)

    is it summer already ??? oh, its just the heat haze coming off my PC...
  10. I posted here about a month and a half ago about getting a 9700 Pro. I ended up getting a 9500 Pro because it was pointed out to me that with my system (1.7 p4, 512 sdram) I wouldn't be able to take full advantage of the 9700 Pro and a 9500 Pro would be a better buy.
  11. Well I'm actually considering the 9700Pro, 9700, 9500Pro and the 9500.

    What score do you get in 3DMark2001?

    I will upgrade the rest of my system sooner or later, so I guess the 9700Pro will be a good buy.

    What games do you play? How smoothly do they run?

    Do you know which one is better out of the 9500Pro and the 9700(not Pro)?

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  12. I have a slightly faster system than yours, and I went for the 9500 Pro (detailed system specs at the bottom of this message).

    I would definitely recommend it - I'm very happy with it, it works great. 3DMark scores are about 11350, which I consider very respectable.

    I run UT2003 at 1024x768x32 (100Hz) with all settings maxed out and FSAA 4X and AF 8X turned on without problems (runs great!). However, at higher resolutions set at max like this I do begin to notice some jerkiness in places (may have more to do with my hard drive, though).

    Frankly, I can't see the need to spend twice as much on the 9700 Pro if you don't have the system to support it (and even then?). Stick with the 9500 Pro ... it's a great card, and well matched for your system.

    System Specs:
    AMD XP2000+
    Asus A7V8X mobo
    512mb PC2700 DDR RAM (PC-333)
    ATI Radeon 9500 Pro (128MB) running at 8X AGP
    40GB WD HD (7200rpm, 100ATA)
    SB Audigy
    Antec 330W True Power PSU controlling 3 case fans
    Windows ME

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  13. the 9700 is better than the 9500pro
    i'd get the 9700pro if you want the best of everything
    your system will not hold you back
    as for the guy with the p4 1.7 and 512 sdr, that system will hold it back more than yours
    get the best, or get a 9500 and softmod it, then overclock it to a 9700pro, the success rate is somethin like 3/4, and you can always return it and try again...
    you may not be into overclocking though, so i say radeon 9700pro


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  14. I hate it when I have to turn down detail settings!

    I play UT2003 with all settings at max at 1024x768x32. But with no FSAA. I manage to do this because I usually play with 2-3 bots. Not bad for a GF3Ti200.

    Can't wait to get the Radeon! Higher resolutions and finally, I can use FSAA!

    The thing is, whenever I upgrade, I get the best of the best. If I wait for the price to go down, the GeforceFX will tempt me. But because of the noise and my quest for a silent PC, the FX is probably out.

    Being a big FPS fan, I want to run Doom 3 at its highest settings - Do you think the 9500Pro will cope?

    Right now the 9700Pro is way too expensive. I might have to opt for the 9500Pro in the end. Bugger.

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  15. a 9700 pro can be had for 299 right now.
    has anyone seen it for less? thats the cheapest ive seen it.

    www.tigerdirect.com for that price, i get their email newsletter, thats where i saw that deal.

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  16. <A HREF="http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1983.html" target="_new">http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1983.html</A>

    That's a pretty damn good price, but I'd rather spend a few dollars more and guarentee no problems. I can't stand the aggravation of crappy online experience.

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  17. I just bought a Radeon 9700pro and even with my Xp1800+ overclocked to XP2000 speed on a 145fsb. I believe i'm still CPU limited. I'm planning on dropping a XP2600+ in my system which should give the videocard the power it needs.

    doing 13,380 3dmarks on my system right now.

    My specs
    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=16172" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=16172</A>
  18. Save a few $$$ and buy the GF4 4400TI for now unless money is no problem.
    The 9700 Pro will be superseded soon {infact it allready is- in ATI's devellopment program}.

  19. how about the TI 4600? Thats the card i am thinking about or should i just get the 9700 pro for little more $$$$$$$!
  20. i had a similar system to yours, i have a xp1800 with 512mbs of ddr running on a kr7a motherboard, also with a 9700 pro.
    i would have bought it regardless because it was something that i was wanting, i wouldnt have changed it for the world, espiecally when i was reading the amantech review of the geforce fx.. i was very impress that a graphics card in this day and age could stand up to a new card when itself was nearly 6 months old.. in some tests on their setup (p4 @ 3ghz, 512mbs memory etc etc) i was very happy to see that all the money i paid for it wasnt wasted.. im still thinking of getting a r350 or possibly just waiting till the r400 comes out.. im power hungry, i dont care!!

    with my setup under 98se, i scored a nice 13885marks, but that was with everything overclocked and i think even the memory was running on 1t or whatever.. with the lowest settings as well.. i was very impressed although since i have been using xp pro, i cant get it above 13600 and thats with all the latest drivers as well.. bummer..
    at a standard run, im scoring over 12000.. i figure with a faster cpu in there (xp2800 or p4 @ 2.66ghz minimum) i could be scoring a bit more lovely 15000 or 16000 depending on pc spec.. i would like to aim for 19 or possibly 20k, but i think i would have to do some serious overclocking, but sadly my card dont like it.. goes to 378/340 maximum.. and thats a just!
    i play fps games, driving games mostly..
    i will put it this way..
    at 2048 x 1536 x 32 x 85hz i can play colin mcrae 2 with 2x aa and 8 x af on and it will still be smooth.. i was amazed at that.. i did try it with unreal 2003 and it was scoring a good 150 fps in 1024 x 768 x 32.. i think it was something like that anyway.. cant remember.. was so long ago!
    i would just stick with the 9700 pro.. its the best thing i have ever bought for my pc yet.. i promise, you wont regret it.

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  21. unless you dont want the 9700pro get the g4ti4800.
    I have a 2400 overclocked to 2600+ and its runs superbified. :D nice word eh?

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  22. The 9700Pro IS what I want. It's just too expensive. I just can't settle for something lower like a 9700 or a 9500Pro. I'm just gonna wait for prices to go down - lowest is £260 (uk). The performance of the FX doesn't impress me so that won't tempt me while I am waiting............

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  23. well i can get one for under £250.. but i have paid the £270 when it first came out, just either wait three or so weeks for when the r350 comes out or just get it now..
    it wont be a waste of money..

    if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
  24. i have a 9700 pro and love it to bits (so to speak)...
    im wanting a cpu change, but i have no idea what to get.. amd or intel 4.. help! i have posted a thread in the motherboards section.. someone please help

    if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
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