Laptop for college next year.

Im looking for a laptop for college next fall. My parents want to purchase it this holiday season. The computer will be used for Microsoft office, music, and surfing the web. I will do very little if any gaming. Id prefer Intel and at least 4 gbs of ram and a decent size hard drive. Can someone provide me some suggestions at the prices of $600 usd, 800 usd, and a 1000 usd.

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  1. Do you need the laptop soon or can you wait until before you go to college?

    If you can wait, then wait. You can get a laptop with better specs next year or a laptop with today's specs at a lower price. If you are lucky, then laptops with mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs will be available during the "Back To School" sales that takes place during the summer.
  2. I think that my parents want to get it now, so probably cant wait...
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