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Recently my friend has been having issues with his computer, so I reinstalled windows fresh for him. I installed all the other drivers but for some reason windows cannot find the wireless adapter drivers anywhere, on the driver cd, online no where. I went into the device manager to see if I could find the name of the adapter but it will just give a warning and call it "Network Controller" Im not software savvy and have no clue what to do from here, please help
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  1. 1. http://support.gateway.com/product/default.aspx
    Select Notebook >> NV Series >> NV59C >> Confirm >> Select Your OS

    2. This is a link obtained from Gateway website and this is for Hardware Vendor Detection Utility. Run this program and this would tell you what drivers are needed for your laptop.

    3. Try updating BIOS
  2. it says the wireless lan driver is under realtek but gateway doesnt list realtek drivers on their support page? wierd looks like ill go hunting for some drivers there. thanks ill update if i need any more help
  3. Thanks Proswizzle - yup keep us updated, thank you!!!
  4. One thing more, also try to update BIOS - sometimes that works too!!!
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