Is msi GE620DX laptop good enough for gaming ?

hello guys!!

I am on a tight budget and want a gaming laptop.
I have finalized msi GE620DX laptop - it has decent specs and 555m gpu. I wanted to know whether this laptop will be able top handle the recent games ?

what are your views ?

thanks :)
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  1. Should be able to handle modern games on mid to low graphic settings.
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    It should be fine to play games at medium settings @ 1336x768 resolution.

    My Lenovo Y470 has an i5-2410m and the nVidia GT 550m. It handled Crysis with medium settings with frame rates ranging between 35FPS and 45FPS most of the time. It would rarely dip down to 26FPS and rarely peak at 54FPS. With graphic settings set to high frame rates ranged from 18FPS to 24FPS most of the time.
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