HP DM1Z(2011) or Lenovo X120e

I have a 600 dollar budget.

My intentions: Streaming hulu type websites, streaming youtube, and streaming dvd rips on a 50 inch panasonic plasma tv

If you have any other recommendations other then the ones i listed below, feel free to chip in, itd be greatly appreciated.

I've brought it down to two laptops, if it were you in my place, which one would you choose?

1. Lenovo X120E


AMD E-350
AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
4GB Ram
320GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm
6 Cell Battery (5.0 hours)
weight: not sure?

Price: $510

2. HP DM1-4010US


AMD E-450
4GB Ram
320GB (7200RPM) Hard Disk Drive
AMD Radeon HD 6320 Discrete-Class Graphics
Weight: 3.52 lbs

Price: $542


I love how the thinkpad looks, has a matte screen, apparently has a great keyboard + trackpad, however, i don't know if the specs are enough for what i'm going to use the laptop for.

The DM1Z, i hate how it looks, i hated the glossy screen on the touchpad, although i don't mind the screen on my sis's asus and my lcd monitor, but if its screen is anything like their touchpad, id probably end up returning it, and i hate that it is 3.52lbs.

However, the dm1z has better specs and i like the fact that it just got refreshed recently.

If you were in my place, which one of these laptops would you pick?

Or would you pick something entirely different.
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  1. Can't go newegg.ca?

    Well then:


    The AMD E series are really weak, more like a netbook processor. I really suggest you not to get the laptop you choose.
  2. i can, i said my options arent, sorry this was post was from another forum

    i can buy it from any shop, but my budget is only around 600

    and requirements are 11-13.3inch with hdmi/dvi so i can connect it to my 50 inch tv
  3. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834158073

    I know you are not interested in larger laptop but this one is a bargain in terms of performance per dollar.

    Small size and performance with moderate amount of budget. It is going to be tricky. Let see if I can get something faster.
  4. thanks for trying, but i really can't go above 13.3 inch, even 13.3 is stretching it.
  5. that laptop is 663 with taxes + shipping

    if i had that amount of budget, i would just get acer 3830tg

    My budget is 600 inc taxes

    I know its not much, but i'm not really going to be doing much on the laptop/netbook anyway

    Im not going to be playing any games, just word / streaming to tv
  6. Tax even buying within Canada? Didn't know about that. I am not in Canada, sorry.
  7. yep its fine, thanks though, i'll look in the toshiba for sure
  8. Yeah, just want to get as much performance as you can get with your budget. You may want to record some HD video stream while you are watching it and I am worry the E450 may not be able to handle the simultaneous playback and recording smoothly.
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