Aiw 9700 pro is killing me!

OK Here goes, My Sys Info is as follows:

TUV4X mobo
via chipset 694t
hyperion ver 4.45 drivers
Bios ver.1005
512mb ram
500w PSU
2XWD120gb hdd
1 diamondmax 60gb hdd
1 Liteon CDRW 40125s
SB Live XGamer Sound Card
1 AIW 9700 Pro Vid card
Viewsonic G-773-3 17" monitor

Now my problem is that since I replaced my nvidia gf3 tnt 32mb w/ aiw 9700 pro I am getting stuttering in games that never showed any problem, the 2 inparticular are StarWars Jedi Knight II Outcast and Serious sam 2nd Encounter.My other mobo was a biostar mt6ss and when i put in the aiw everything was great. After 3 days my machine just started to reboot no matter where i was or what i was doing.That led me to change the psu to a 500w. I had a 300w. With the amount of hardware I was running I thought 300 wasn't enough. Same problem w/ rebooting.In an effort to regroup some funds for the 3.06 ghz I am planning so I went out and got the Asus TUV4X mobo. This is when the probs. started.I have been on with techs from all pertinent vendors and am still stonewalled. One more thing, since day 1 when i reboot my monitor displays a message saying "Frequency over range". Nobody seems to know what that means?????. Any help with this debacle would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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  1. I'm not familiar with those drivers. I would download the Catalyst 2.5 drivers and install them. I didn't have any luck with the 3.0 version.

    Frequency over range? When EXACTLY does it say this?

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  2. I think I've tried catalyst 2.5, but not totally sure. But I guess it's worth a try. Do I need to do a os reinstall?or can i just remove ati control panel and display drivers? The frequency over range is displayed on a restart just after monitor displays no signal. Thanks

    He who dies with the most toys Wins !!
  3. The error message "frequency over range" is the monitor telling you that the refresh rate that the video card is supplying exceeds the capabilities of the monitor. Dont worry about it because once your system posts and your desktop resolutions are set after os drivers kick in it becomes irrelevant.

    I suggest you pull your sound card and use the onboard audio for now and see if that helps you. Make sure you dont put your peripheral cards into shared IRQ slots if they arent meant to be shared. Refer to manual to find out which slots are shared.

    IF you did everything there is, then you have to accept life and RMA.

    Radeon is known to be finicky with certain mobos. You are actually hurting your performance with a radeon over a GF3 because it performs rather poorly with a weak CPU.

    Also the line gf3 tnt 32mb does not make any sense. Riva TNT and Geforce are two completely different chips, i dont see how you have a gf3 tnt 32mb.

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  4. My impression is that your mobo chipset 694x is a bit older for 9700. That could cause AGP compatibility problem. You can try to disable the APG fast write in the SMARTGART tab in the display property->Advanced and reduce the AGP speed to see if that helps.
  5. The games he is getting stuttering in are both OpenGL games, I think that he's having the same problems peeps were getting after installing the first version of Cat3.0 drivers. I would get the latest HQL Cat3 drivers from the ATI website, they fixed the stuttering problem. New chipset drivers are always good but he wasnt having a problem before he changed cards...

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  6. Hi guys,

    I have recently bought the following system and I have a major issue with my VGA card. In 3d games such as Mafia, C&C renegade, Warcraft III etc, my system reboots randomly during the game. I have installed XP service pack, Catalyst 3.0 drivers for AIW 9700 pro, Nvidia 2.03 drivers for motherboard,directx 9.0 and the latest audigy drivers but the problem still persists. I have tried different combinations such as low quality high performance settings or vice versa but the problem still remained the same. I have cancelled the Agp 8x support from bios and gave her a go but it did not help either. I have checked the IRQ seettings from device manager and there is no conflict there either!!!
    I have also used 3d MArk 2001 Se and my card finished the tests normally. So everything seems to be in order but my system keep on booting after a while (or freezes in mafia for ex) while playing these games. Can you please give me some advice cause I am seriously about to go insane after doing everything I know to solve the probem but not being able to do so... (especially paying 600 cad for getting some performance but not even being able to play a game without a problem is so frustrating...)
    By the way here is my configuration:

    Samsung 550b 15 inch Monitor
    Asus A7N8X Deluxe Nforce 2 Motherboard
    Amd Xp 2100+ Cpu
    512 Mb DDR 333 Mhz ram
    All in Wonder 9700 Pro VGA card
    Creative Audigy Soundcard
    40 Gb Seagate 7200 rpm hardrive
    Case: UL-550 ATX Mid Tower, 2 x 3.5" & 4 x 5.25" Drive Bays, 300W P4 power supply & 2 USB Ports in Front,Blue Trim faceplate
    LG 48x24x48 CD-RW
    LG 52x CD-Rom
    Cicero 16X DVD-rom
  7. Crap, you went out and bought a crappy VIA chipset board? Well, live and learn...or do like most of these guys, live and refuse to learn.

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  8. My pc used to also reset in games. My problem was solved when I uninstalled the AGP driver that come with my MB and thus running the Radeon 9700 Pro on 4x (seems they are still trying to get the 8x AGP stable with allot of MB's.) I've got a Gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro with Gigabyte SG667 MB.
    Now if only my Radeon's heatsink fan will stop breaking! Yesterday was the 3rd time in 3 months. Think is should enjoy the thermaltake case it sits in, but NOO. Maybe I should just ask for another brand like Saphire!
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