Graphics Card Problem?

Ok My Question is a two parter.
My system consist of:
Asus p4b533
1024 of Geil pc2700
P4 2.4
Sapphire Radeon 9700 pro Bench Depending on Resolution 1200-1600
Two Maxtor 7200 100 gig Drives
Plextor 48/24/48
Creative Ovation DVd
SB Audigy Platinum
HDC Aluminum Tower Full window/ Blue Cathode
Ernamax 420 watt switching power supply
IOmega PVR/Tv and Fm Tuner Card

The problem I am having is on certain games
Unreal 2k3, battlefiled 1942 and Morrowind play Flawlessly
as well as various flight simulation games.
The problem I am having is with Games such as Grand Theft Auto 3 where I get white lines while driving and Diablo 2 LOD expansion where I also get white lines by the cliff looking downward. I noticed in certain parts of Dungeon Seige I get the same lines.
My Cpu Temp is at 120 ferinheit while playing Utk3 but stays at 100 while playing the others, which I found also odd. I run 4 outake and 2 intake Fans on my case, not including the two outake on the Psu. Is this a bug in the Video Card, the Game, or the psu?

My second question is How do I overclock the Psu?
I been told I could easily overclock my system without adding much heat to it, But have found no sites that actualy walk you through the steps of overclocking my board to processor and steps that are needed to configure the bios to overclock. I bought my board knowing and hoping I can overclock it since it is compatible with hythread technology and can accept up to a p4 3.06.

Any imformation that can be given concerning these two questions will be Very Helpful. Thanks...
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  1. Try reinstalling your vid card drivers. Use the Catalyst 2.5s. Try reinstalling your mobo drivers. Try reinstalling the game (if those dont work).
    U have the power adapter plugged into the 9700 Pro? I know it can actually work without it but either freezes or has errors when given a big work load, but if it dosnt do it in ut2k3 then thats probly not it.
    As far as overclocking is concerned, download "Radeonator" for overclocking your graphics card, and for your CPU its really pretty simple.
    While youre booting (in POST) repeatedly press delete. This will take you into your BIOS. Look around for a setting to change fsb/multiplier and possibly ram settings.
    Hopefully you have a good CPU fan for overclocking. Experiment to your hearts desire.

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  2. I have it pluged in Someone told me it might be my ddr ram However, I doubt that. I have both 516's with a copper heat spreader and fan. My case temp stays at 75-80 even when I beat on it with Unreal. So it is not case heat. I am at school atm. I attend Grad School working on my Dual masters. Hoping on looking for patches first. I have never installed patches on none of the games that are acting this way, because I downloaded a couple patches before from a long time ago that litteraly destroyed my hardrives on a Dual Celeron system I built.
    The other thing of notice is that it tends to do it on games that have similar platforms.
    I am hoping on the patches will work.
    Thanks for the info I will Download radeonator when i get home. I bought some vram copper heatsinks for the vid card I never put on, so should put those on before I overclock the card. As for the Psu is there a website that can tell you the bios settings that you can go with.
    I never did any overclocking before so it will be a first.
  3. I hate to tell you this.

    But it's that Geil ram. I've got a 512meg PC3200 block...

    that's actually PC2100. It's only <i>mostly</i> stable at 133mhz. It seems like Geil wisened up, and sent all the reviewers good samples.

    Or Newegg just got the total load of @$$ units. I'd put more faith that the review samples were hand picked, though.

    I'm kind of fscked, too. I can't return it, so the only thing I can do is rma it about every 45 days. When there's a chance they have changed the supplier. But, since I've only one stick, it leaves me ass out during the rma.

    Right now, I think I'm going to order some Samsung or Corsair. 256meg. I can live for a week or two on 256meg. I've got such good case cooling that I don't really need a heat spreader, either. And if it came down to me really needing one, I've always got arctic silver epoxy and a sheet of copper to play with.

    It's this reason alone that I normally order two sticks. This one time I tried to cut some costs, and it nipped me.

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