File sharing?

With win2k, what does it mean when you click the "permissions" button under the file sharing tab of a folder and you receive:
"This has been shared for administrative reasons, the permissions cannot be set"

Are there any problems sharing files when PCs have different OS? ie: 2 of my PCs have win98, laptop has XP, and 1 has win2k?
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  1. There are some default shares in WinNT systems that you cannot alter (at least not easily). Such as ICP$, C$, ADMIN$, NETLOGON. These are invisible and shared out by the system for whatever reason. Personally I think it's a horrid security flaw. The C$ share is completely abused by anyone with any knowledge of it. I can mount your entire harddrive from my computer over the internet by simply guessing the password on any account in your system. God forbid you forget to give one account a password.

    As for ease of sharing, there is no problem. You just need to make sure to log on to each of the different computers with the same username and pass, or remember which name/pass goes to which computer so you can mount that share with it.
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