Radeon 9700Pro, 8X AGP setting?

Is there any way to know for certain that my Radeon 9700Pro is set on 8X AGP? I support for 8X is enabled in bios on my A7N8X board, yet in Windows 2000 when I right click and go to display properties, go to settings tab, go to advanced, go to options tab (version information pops up and says Cataylst Version 02.2 2D version, click on details, under AGP bus type: AGP 1x, AGP 2X, AGP 4X and the current bus setting says AGP 2X.

What exactly does this mean? How can I be certain my Radeon 9700Pro is set on 8X AGP?
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  1. you should download the latest catalyst drivers(3.1)... I had the same problem and solved it with the new srivers...
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