Strange Display Problem with HP Compaq

So, here's an odd one. I have an HP Compaq nx9420 with a Radeon x1600 mobility display adapter. It is running Windows 7 32-bit right now, but this same problem was appearing when it was running the version of Windows XP it came with. I'm running the latest available drivers for the radeon - they are the ones provided by Microsoft with Windows 7. ATI isn't updating them anymore.

A few minutes after it starts up, the screen begins to flicker. It flicks once every couple of seconds.

Now, here's the strange part. In the Advanced display settings, on the Monitor tab, it claims to have two available refresh rates - 59 and 60. It defaults to 59. I can set it to 60 and hit Apply and the flicking stops. In the dialog box, the setting doesn't stick. It immediately switches back to 59. But the flicking does stop until I restart the computer or bring it out of sleep. Then I have to adjust the refresh rate again.

So, questions.

Anybody run into this before and is there a fix?

Is there a way to force it to use 60 for the refresh rate and maybe eliminate 59 as an option?

Windows is using the Generic PnP monitor drivers. I've not been able to find any specific drivers for the display. The drivers included with Windows have some generic Digital Flat Panel drivers, but don't include one for the native resolution of this display (1440x900). Anyone know a source for compatible drivers?

Thanks much!

- Walter
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  1. Something else I should add. If I hook up an external monitor, the problem does not persist on that monitor. Only on the laptop display.
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