Geforce FX vs Radeon 9700

This new card the Geforce FX with its noisy cooler and the heat that generates only giving a slight performance advantage over the Radeon 9700 Pro reminds me a lot about the dead 3DFX
Voodoo 5 series fighting against Nvidia. Could Nvidia be the next to die?
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  1. :lol: <font color=green>Comparing nvidia to 3dfx really isnt a good comparison...not only does nvidia have a huge market share which 3dfx never had but they also have big sales in motherboard chipsets now....the geforce FX will not break or make this company...</font color=green>
  2. Specialy since you can now get a Radeon 9700 Pro without any fan at all... (Sapphire Atlantis Pro Ultimate) I would say NVidia have some tweaking to do, I don't like having a vacumcleaner on my desktop when I play a computergame :)
  3. What I am trying to say is that Nvidia has to wake up or the giant ATI will gobble it up. Remember Nvidia was a small company just like 3Dfx was
  4. Yes, you can get a passive cooled 9700 pro

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    <A HREF="" target="_new">Introducing the NVIDIA GeForceFX: The first Videocard designed exclusively for deaf people!</A></font color=red>
  5. Can you actually get this <A HREF="" target="_new">bludgeon?</A>

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  6. Just remember that it's loud while it's air cooled, some genius will put liquid cooling on it and it will quiet down. Still, I'll keep my Rad 9700(np)
  7. The thing I don't get is the test was done with DX8 cause they said no card supports the features in DX9 as of yet, I guess ATI didn't release Catylist 3.0 for support with DX9 features....I must have imagined it and so is my computer cause it's sitting right there in my download folder:S

    Why would I want to buy an expensive, noisy and basically a PC case cooker anyway, if you have an AMD or an overclocked system heat is a problem anyway you don't need a card to make more problems.
  8. outamyhead, i actually don't really understand what you talk about:D

    anyways, there is no dx9 test yet out, so how can they test dx9 performance? dx9 is out, and useable on the ati card, but it will take some time till the tests are available.

    and, from some simple benches people set up, it looks like the gfFX is rather slow on the dx9 features.. we'll see

    "take a look around" - limp bizkit
  9. Um, if you have any CPU, heat is an issue. P4's are not cool.

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    <A HREF="" target="_new">Introducing the NVIDIA GeForceFX: The first Videocard designed exclusively for deaf people!</A></font color=red>
  10. Which simple benches, and do they have DX 9?

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
  11. come on. you know i'm a programmer. and yes i do have dx9 installed, including sdk. how difficult is it to code up a simple bench wich rotates a sphere with millions of triangles?

    its no 3dmark, but you can use it to compare speed.

    same for simple dx9 demos..

    and yes there where people doing it. john carmack is one. he used opengl, but the dx9 features he used anyways (ARB_fragment_program in this case). gfFX did not showed really much power..

    the dx9 pixelshader 2.0 where rather slow on the gfFX compared to the radeon. dunno about the actual test-programs that ran, but well.. give me gfFX and i can test it myself.

    for demos using dx9 features (as i said, ARB_fragment_program mainly in opengl that is), check for example
    or others.

    but no, there is no 3dmark2003 out, wich uses dx9. so no "gfFX has that much points, r300 has that much". but one thing's for sure. the gfFX does not have any amazing performance on dx9 as well.. the same as on the rest of the tests, more or less..(the dx8 tests that is)

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  12. btw, the demo Mandelbrot on the humus page ( is the image)
    is btw very good to test dx9 ps2.0 speed. all it does is drawing one full screen quad with the complicated pixelshader to generate that fractal. uses about the max possible instruction count in ps2.0, and runs at about 50fps on 1024x768, if i remember right. (i always run at highest quality btw..:D)

    anyone with gfFX wants to test the speed for it?

    "take a look around" - limp bizkit
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