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  1. They are all great cards, but since I have ATI stamped on my forehead, get one of the Radeons with the NEWEST ATI drivers.

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  2. nothing against nvidia, i'd stay away from the gf4's just because the radeon's support DX9. I know their arn't any games out there that use it, their are still games in the future that could use some peices of dx9. That would the reason to go for the radeon cards.

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  3. everyone seems to favor ATI, but i always have

    if yuour looking at the GF4 series, then consider the ATI alternative the radeon 9500pro. its about as fast as a TI4600 , but the geometry engine is a generation newer and has alot more power
  4. If I were you, I'd get either a R9500 Pro or a R9700 non pro. The Pro may be a bit of overkill.

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  5. No get the FX and it'll blow everyone else away :D:D:D
    it's up to you
    but i think the others have said enough.
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