GF4 Mx 460 or Radeon 7500 or 8500 in 2D?

I know it seems a stupid question but forgetting games only for 2d applications such as photoshop and corel (imaging most) a friend of mine said a simple radeon 7500 is better than a GF4 mx 460 IN 2D applications. Ive heard somewhere that the GF are not very good in 2d, meaning quality, is this correct? The PC my friend is building will be a P4 2,4 ghz with 1ghz ddr 333mhz will use for imaging, bureau work and he is almost buying the gf4 mx460, i tried to see some reviews but i cant find a photoshop or other 2d program benchmark, only games he will never use. Any help will be appreciated
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  1. A Radeon 7500 or 8500 that is "built by ATI" will be guaranteed to have excellent image quality. The quality of the filters that different companies use varies, if you get a good brand such as VisionTek or Hercules, the card will have excellent 2d image quality. Do you happen to know the brand of the GeForce video card that you are looking at? Are the Radeon boards "built by ATI" or who are they made by?

    I currently have a VisionTek Geforce3 Origional and it has very good image quality. I'm not sure that it's any different than my last video card (ATI Radeon 64mb (the origional)).

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  2. Probably, if he buys the radeon it should be a "build by ATI" but the GF4 he wants to buy doesnt matters the brand only the chipset. Ok you said the quality of your gf3 in 2d was good (ive heard gf4 is worse than your gf3 in 2d quality) but besides quality he wants performance in 2d, he will get a p4 2,4 ghz with 1ghz ram, this card will be a bottleneck, will delay the processing or will be sufficient for 2d heavy applications, big image files?
  3. Any of the cards will be sufficient for 2d applications. My dad uses my old Radeon (The origional AGP 64mb card) and it has no trouble whatsoever rendering photos and 2d applications. Also, the 2d image quality will vary from brand to brand. Some brands use high quality filters on CRT port causing them to have better image quality. It doesn't really matter what chipset the card is, only the quality of the filters. That is why the low-end brands will tend to not have as good of image quality. All modern video cards and i'm pretty sure that video card would be able to run 2d applications with no difficulty. Hope this helps...

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  4. I remembered this article about the image quality topic...

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