Unreal 2 and Radeon 9700 Pro

Just installed Unreal 2 and playing @ 1280x1024 settings on high. And this game is awesome, I knew it was gonna use the UT2k3 engine but still can't believe how good the graphics are. One thing on my system I had to disable EAX as it made the game crash. Not sure it that was driver related or just a bug in the game.

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  1. Same thing here. The game crashes from time to time when EAX is enabled. Creative probably will never release decent drivers for their soundcards. Even 5.1 surround doesn't work in Unreal 2 although I'm using the latest Audigy drivers (v323).

    Graphics are really amazing, but gameplay is boring as hell. Maybe I played too much NOLF2...
  2. some very good point about the game. I have also heard it is not exackly a killer title at the start of the game but its supposed to be really good near-at the end of the game. Beeing as its not out in the uk i wouldnt know for sure.

    Also theres always very cool mods to make the game worth while. Yeah i used to have some eax problems on older games too but seeing as my soundcard is now onbaord on my shuttle (which is supposed to be nearly if not as good as the soundblaster live) i wouldnt know.


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  3. the game runs very smoothly on my geforce 3 ti200 also, i'm planning on getting a 9700 or maybe (if they fix the sound) a geforce fx. I don't have the problem with the eax, but when i turned it on, i ended up with no sound at all...kinda strange...

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  4. Yeah, I've heard good things about Unreal2, but I prefer the mindless killing in UT2K3... :lol: :wink:

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  5. How come you guys have the game already? Isn´t it released the 4th?

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  6. ummm :smile:
  7. They're pretending that they have it...or they know how to use the internet. :smile:

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  8. I had to get down and crawl in the grass because it looked so real, also the water looked real when I jumped in the pawn somewhere on the first level (the outdoor not where you have to swim)

    only running it at 1024x768 and everything else on max, but damn it look good!

    it's a must buy! to me it look better than UT2003 when you're outdoors

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  9. Huhm, cryptic answers :smile: . I´ll just wait until next week then (I live in Finland, not the states), just in time for spring break.

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