HELP...Will not boot from XP CD

My system:
Asus A7N8X
1 GB PC3200 DDR 400
Koolance PC2-601 liquid cooling system (running great)
Maxtor 80GB Diamond Max (x2)
HP 8200 plus CD/RW

My problem:
The system will not boot from cd.
The BIOS is set to CD for all three boot devices.
I have tried with the cd/rw listed above as well as two other (admitedly) older cd-rom drives (1999 and before) with no luck. Same results which are a message saying

PGE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
Exiting nVidia Boot Agent

If I press enter it does the same thing, but so fast it doesn't even have time to spin up the cd. Too fast it seems.

I have tried different IDE cables and checked all my connections many times. I am in the correct Secondary IDE spot on the mobo for the CD drives I have tried. I am at a loss for what to do. I am confident temperature is not the issue.

Any ideas or advice....please!!!??

Rob O
Burlington VT
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  1. When the bootup process starts watch the bottom of the screen, when it says boot from CD, press any key on the keyboard, you have about ten seconds or so to do it, if you don't press anything it continues to look for a boot source.

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