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  1. That is certainly one way to cool a hot laptop!
  2. Very cost effective too!..LOL
  3. How is the "vibration"?
  4. Minimal
  5. Airflow is outstanding!
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Airflow is outstanding!

    Better watch the oscillation, though!
  7. And to think, will help if you have sweaty palms as well.
  8. Lollllllll
  9. lol! reminds me of the time at a lan party trying to play UT2K4 on a passively cooled Matrox G550. After 20min it started overheating and causing issues; Solution, filp it on it's side, take of the panel, and put a giant window box fan over it ;) Heating issues solved!
  10. Is that a 120 mm fan or 140? Parallax, can't quite judge it.
    Will it fit my case?
    I assume it needs a 3-pin header.

  11. Lol, SQL server 7 books put to good use...
  12. Let see if there is one where the laptop is put into an open refrigerator or freezer, or on an air conditioner vent.
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