Wierdest game glitch ever

The strangest thing happens to me when I'm am playing any game for a long while; for some reason, somehow, the shift key gets locked down. I'm not talking physically but somehow, the computer is registering the shift key in down position. It happens in any sort of game I play and it happened before and after I got a Geforce 4 Ti card so it can't be that.
Also, on what i think is an unrelated note, when I'm in a game the mouse cursor pops up, the one from the desktop I mean. It's extremely wierd.
Anyone have any clue as to what this all means?
And how to fix it?

-Dad, you just killed zombie Flanders.
-He was a zombie?
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  1. Do you mean that your "caps" light is on?

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  2. Stay away from the mushrooms man.

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  3. LOL, let's hope not OldBear.

    Anyway, the mouse cursor thing sounds like you have programs running in the background that are trying to get your attention. For example, if I play CS and keep my AIM running, if someone IMs me then I will get a mouse cursor on my screen. What OS and programs are you running?
  4. nope I make sure to ctrl alt delete everything except explorer and system tray. I'm pretty much baffled on this problem.

    -Dad, you just killed zombie Flanders.
    -He was a zombie?
  5. no, its' not my caps light. Like I said, it's nothing physically on the keyboard.

    -Dad, you just killed zombie Flanders.
    -He was a zombie?
  6. yeah ..that has happened to me before too...the mouse curser thing...very rarely though I have to leave the game and go back then it's gone.

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  7. maybe:
    your keyboard has seen its better days, and you have a loose trace or key... Technically if that were true then if you were really pounding your keyboard (during an intense game let's say) that might cause that key to be pressed.

    Though none of this is likely, I really doubt it is a flaw in a game.
  8. Maybe it's your sticky keys. If you hold the shift key down for more than five seconds it usually activates it. I'm not sure about the mouse pointer though. If it's in EQ it's a glitch that you can get around by just changing your screen resolution.

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  9. IF your mouse icon pops up during the game i suggest you to close all other applicaitons before you launch the game. such as antivirus program maybe u scheluded it to scan for virus so it slows ur computer and retursn to background. Please do not take my advice if im wrong lol

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