My HP G6000 cannot find webcam or audio devices


A few weeks back, I turned on my laptop to find that it could not find my audio device or even my webcam device which is built in. Sometimes when I turn on my laptop, both the audio and webcam work for a while but then tend to switch themselves off whenever they want to. I have tried re installing the drivers, using system restore, recovery manager, tried installing a new instance of windows 7. I've tried everything! I believe this problem is quite common with this laptop but I don't know why

Please could anyone help me to find the cause of this problem and try to help me to fix it as it has been bugging me for a while now.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. have you contacted HP about the issue? how old is the laptop?

    is webcam and speakers both located on the LCD screen? if yes, then you might have a wiring issue that is going through the hinges of the screen.

    if not, it could be a motherboard issue.

    if this issue is quite common with this laptop haven' you found a solution by other users?
  2. I haven't contacted HP as such no. I did see a thread posted a while back where they had the exact same problem as me on the same laptop but no solution was found.

    The speakers are not on the LCD screen but the webcam is, so it shouldn't be that.

    Also, when the audio works after booting the laptop, it works for about 30 mins and then dies. And when the audio dies the flash player breaks too and flash type content cannot be displayed on my laptop. SOmetimes the laptop freezes too.

    I assume its a motherboard issue. Is there anyway that I could test to see if it is the motherboard or not? Or should I just take it to get repaired?

    Thanks for your reply btw :)
  3. And the laptop is out of warranty unfortunately :( I believe the laptop is about 2-3 years old
  4. yeah that would seem like a hardware issue, one thing I'd check is the temperatures in the period of 30 minutes. It might be that some component (likely motherboard) is heating up to a point where it starts to malfunction.

    download the hwinfo (32 or 64 bit depending on your OS) and start it up with sensor-only checkbox clicked right as you turn on the machine, it should be the coolest at that point and then keep it running until the sound fails. Check the temperatures for all the hardware that it can detect and see if there's any high ones (80C+ is high)
  5. I don't think that will make any difference as the sound doesn't seem to work from start-up, even when it has been off for hours. I've looked on the HP forums and it seems to be a huge issue, not just with my laptop but with all models. It really is a pain, and there doesn't seem to be a solution for it. I don't think i'll ever purchase a HP machine again.

    I think ill try and phone HP up and complain under the sale of goods act and see what they have to say for themselves :)

    Thanks for the replies though, much appreciated!
  6. The webcam has come unplugged or has a short in it. Once I popped top of screen off, I pushed against the card next to the actual webcam, and it showed in device manager. I spent to weeks trying to fix it, till I found a you tube video showing how to pop top of screen off and gain access. Very easy
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