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so i just got a laptop, my friends warned me that the ati 9000 won't take screenshots of dvd's n other media but the salesperson assured me that that was not true. well, my friends r right. does anyone know any tricks that would allow me to take a screenshot of a movie that's playing? help!

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  1. Go back to the salesperson!!!!!!!!

  2. heh, i tried callin the mofo at dell, he's not answering emails or phone calls, n guess what, the support link on the website doesn't work....

  3. The problem is that the video is "overlayed" so it's not even "on" the screen you're taking a screenshot of. You'll find this to be true of many (all?) cards. You'll probably need video editing software to copy a frame.

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  4. I am about to buy a laptop myself and will probably end up with the ATI 9000 card. are you happy with the card, exept for the screenshot problem?
    main use will be for the programme 3ds max 5.
  5. well, after callin stupid dell support like 4 times n goin thru the same ish every time i accidentally came up with a solution. the first window u open (quicktime, win media player, dvd player) won't capture anything, screen turns black hole like... but if u open up a second media window, everything in that window can be captured! wierd, but hey it solves my problem.

    oh n i use my card 2 play 1942 n also 2 run photoshop, n maya, n it works great. the only complain i have is with the screen itself, all flat screens' seem 2 have this banding problem, like airbrush tools never looks smooth... but i doubt that's the graphic card's fault. i wish they had an option 2 put the newer cards in...

  6. The Mobility 9000 is an awsome laptop graphics card. Your lucky to have it. Some people tout that they have a GeForce 440Go, like it's the big thing, but to me it's crap because of the no pixel shader ability, which the Radeon DOES have. You should be stoked.

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  7. Try downloading or upgrading to the newest version of Catalyst (ati's collection of drivers & software) which should have a dvd player app that can capture stills of the dvd movie that's playing.
    The site if you have winxp is:

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  8. PowerDVD XP will capture screenshots of DVDs from ATI hardware accelerated cards. Just hit the capture key ("C" I think).

    If you turn off hardware acceleration in your DVD player software you should be able to capture it using most screen capture programs.

    BTW: PowerDVD is the new official ATI DVD playing software.

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