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I am currently running a P4 1.6ghz 512MB system with a Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB DDR video card. I have a spare machine (PIII 1ghz) that needs a video card. (I have several 1ghz AMD/PIII machines I use on a multiplayer game LAN at home)

Looking for suggestions. I am thinking of putting the Ti4200 into the PIII 1ghz system and getting a new card for my P4 1.6ghz system.

Looks like I can get a Geforce4 Ti4600 for like $240 or so from a quick search online. If anyone has found better pricing not listed in pricegrabber/pricewatch let me know!

Heres my dilemna, will I get $240 worth of visuals/speed performance from the 4600? Or should I just get another 4200 or even 4400 for my P4?

I definitly need to get another card anyway so we can squeeze some gaming power out of this PIII.

Thanks for the suggestions...
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  1. Nooo dont get a 4600 get a 9500 pro.I myself have a gainward 4200 64mb card and its great, i got it for Christmas.With the ExperTool that came with it i now have it overclocked to 275/551 with no problem (thats 4400 speeds)Anyways from what I've read here its better at this time to buy a 9500 pro cause u can turn up the antialising/anistrophic filtering higher than the 4600 ti and that really helps make things looks better.(Its all about looking good and still getting good fram rates)
  2. Be cautious with the 9700 and 9700 pro. A few of my favourite games have issues with them. That is why I didn't get one. Make sure your games accomodate it.

  3. $240 for a 4600 or $175-$200 for a 9500 Pro.

    The 9500 Pro is a better card at a better price.

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  4. Guys I am trying to understand your point for stating the ATI RADEON 9500 PRO is a better card then the Geforce4 Ti4600.

    From what I have seen it seems the 4600 beats the 9500 pro or is equal in other tests according to the chart on this website. Actually seems like my current Ti4200 hangs around the vicinity of the 9500 pro?? If price is my final factor I could just get another Ti4200 for about $130.00.

    Correct me if I am misinterpreting what I have looked at.

    I have an ATI 8500 LE card that simply WOULD NOT ANTI ALIAS on anything I put it in. I had another one I put in a new PC for a friend I built and it did the same thing. So I have been a bit leery of going ATI's route since then. Especially since I got this current Geforce4. It showed me antialiasing, and better performance overall. Hence why I guess I look at the Geforce first at this moment.
  5. Go with the 9500Pro.The Ti4600 will not perform as well as the 9500Pro with anti-aliasing and ansiotropic filtering.
  6. That "high-end" chart is a waste of time honestly. I dont know why it doesnt have AA and filtering tests, hell all those tests are only at 1024x768 as well. Actually it seems like the videocard reviews in general are getting worse around here.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">This is why the 9500pro is much much better</A>

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  7. Get a Radeon 9500 Pro. It's better than GF4 Ti4600. It's a completely new generation card and fully supports DX9. If you turn on Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering, then it will be 2x faster than GF4 Ti4600

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