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Hi, I just got a new computer and installed everything, everything works fine but my display within windows is a bit weird. Everything looks ok except for funny colored pixels that keep popping up on my desktop. I know its not my monitor because when I view webpages and playgames everything is ok. its just mainly on my desktop and pictures within webpages. Any help would be appreciated! tHanks
A screen cap of my desktop can be seen here:
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My system:
Intel P4 2.4Ghz 533FSB
Asus P4T 533
512mb 4200 rambus
Asus V9280TD GF4 4200Ti
Win2k Pro SP3
Newest win2k video drivers from Nvidia website
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  1. First of all stretch the desktop image thats just 14m3.
    neways, thats most definately a video card error. is it
    being overclocked? what drivers? 41.09s or 42.01s?
    maybe u should up the voltage 1 notch in BIOS.

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  2. First of all you should try using the latest drivers off nvidia's web site, even format and reinstall everything. Start paying close attention in games and see if those colours turn up on textures in a similar fashion. In my experience, with what i see in your screenshot are the results of either overclocking the videocard, overheating and damage to the videocard, or you just got a dud from someone.

    I had that exact problem with that exact card no less then a month ago myself so i might not give the most reasuring advice heh. Replaced it with an 8500LE however and didnt have any more problems.

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  3. I'm currently using the latest drivers from the Nvidia website. I have tried some of the older ones as well becuase I was told that they were more stable, there was no difference.

    Its not being overclocked.. yet =)

    Yeah I could swear that they gave the a returned card because the day I ordered my computer, a lady walked in and refunded the exact same card I ordered *shrug*

    I will have some time on this weekend, I will probably reformat with winxp, reinstall some fresh drivers and see how it goes.. if worse comes to worse, then i will bring it into the shop again and tell them to plug it in and turn it on infront of me.

    P.S. the picture has been enlarged =)

    And how do I up the voltage in the bios?

    Thanks for your help!
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