Ubuntu 10.04 messed up my win 7

Well hello

I gots a hp envy 15 that had win 7 home premium installed and decided to install ubuntu just for the heck of it. Now my win 7 will not boot. I tried startup repair from the win 7 disk, however it is not working. On top of that when i try to install a fresh copy of win 7 the loader will not pick up any of the hard drive partitions, it would just be blank on the menu one would select the drive to install on. On the startup the ubuntu boot loader shows up, i pick windows, and then it goes to the windows boot loader, when i select win 7 it will boot into it then 6 seconds later i get a blue screen. On ubuntu i can open the drive where the windows was installed and all the windows files are there. I am assuming that I have to make the win 7 repair recognize the hdd partition where the windows is installed on then repair it, but i dont know how to do that.

thank you
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  1. 1. How did you install Ubuntu?

    2. Did you try /FixMBR and /FixBoot commands via bootrec.exe via command prompt?

    3. Why not do a fresh install?
  2. i installed ubuntu through many trial and errors. but as much as i can remember, there was a big ole bar saying windows 7 and a smaller one which i made into free space. When i went to the next window, the window 7 bar was still there along with the ubuntu one, along with the swap file. I was like it does look like they can coexist. So i went forward with the installation. when i got tired of ubuntu (just seemed to be running buggy), within like 10 mins i decided to go back to win 7 and thats when i realized i had a problem. 2. i dont know what FixMBR or the bootrec.exe is but when i tried to repair and look for a system restore file all i could see in the file menu was a disk being 30gb (the one i split the other 30 into ubuntu [which did not show up), and my windows disk being of around 259 gb was not there. And i tried the fresh install, When it tells me to select a drive to install the win 7 on, not one partition shows up.
  3. oh and to get the free space i shrinked the windows volume from windows file manager.
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