2 OS on one laptop.

On acer aspire 5733z I've instald winxp sp2 and win7. but navigate to one OS to other I've to change BIOS. how to select OS to boot without changing BIOS ?
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  1. I'm assuming this model comes equipped with dual hard disk drives as you are likely changing the boot priorities in the bios. You will need to install a bootloader onto the primary hard disk enabling you to choose between the os's without modifying thre bios. Do a google search for GRUB and read the associated wikis.
  2. Another option you might consider, rather than using a multiboot configuration, is to use Windows 7 as your OS and install Virtualbox (free from Oracle). Then you can create a virtual machine that runs XP, or a multitude of other OS's

    That would eliminate all of the bios configuration changes and give you access to needed OS's in a far smoother operation.

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