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My daughter's advent roma 1001 laptop will not switch on. When she presses the power button the fan starts up and even goes to a higher level but then everything shuts down. I have tried starting it with the battery out and the power chord in but this just makes the above just keep happening.

Help please as I cannot affrod to replace it. It is about 18 months old.
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  1. No warranty??? Sounds like a bad Motherboard... Try re-seating the memory sticks... remove any components not necessary to POST... like a memory stick, wireless card, bluetooth, hard drive... then try turning it on.

    unplug power cord and remove battery... hold power button for 30 seconds... put A/C cord back in and try booting.

    basic troubleshooting helps
  2. Just tried all that and no luck. The warranty was for a year. PC World have said it will cost in the region of £250 but someone at work mentioned that I may be able to get a repair done under the Sale of Goods Act if the motherboard is faulty. Does anyone know how I can find out? I am not good with computers and have never taken one appart!
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