I cant play with cdfs
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  1. Compact Disk File System?
  2. Anouluck,

    Can you give us more information: what version of Windows 7? Clean or upgrade install? What error do you receive?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. I believe that I have the same problem.
    I inserted an new original Music CD: "John Butler Trio - Live at St. Galen" but cannot listen to it on my PC. I tried both with foobar2000 and VLC.
    When I look at the property of the tracks on the CD, I read "Type: CD Drive" and "File System: CDFS ".
    All the tracks weight 1 KB.

    I can copy the file on my HD but cannot read the files/tracks either. Only the names seems to be copied (1 KB file for each track)
    Foobar doesn't seem to be able to convert them.

    What could I use to at least listen to the disc on my PC and if possible to copy the tracks to my music library?

    Thanks, G
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