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For some reason when I view a video such as DVD or an avi or mov file, all I see is the upper right corner of the video in the entire screen. Basically I get 1/4 of the picture I am supposed to see. I noticed this after installing the 41.09 drivers for my MSI GeForce4 4200, 64mb card. So after some fiddling and such I reinstalled the drivers that came with the thing because none of the changes I made to the display settings permanently fixed the problem. But the problem is still there. The weird thing is that the appear to be fixed after I change the display settings, but when I close, for example, windows MP and reopen it, the same problem occurs.

I have no idea where to go with this or what could be wrong. I tried running dxdiag and I passed the tests. What is funny is that my problem seems to be fixed after disabling some directx features with that troubleshooting hardware acceleration feature. I have no idea what is going on. Please help!

Well, I can run BF1942 just fine. Everything else looks good. I run the monitor at 60,72,75 Hz it doesn't matter, same problem. I also change the color to 16bit or 256...same problem. Does anyone have ANY ideas???


I feel dumb. When I installed new drivers, I uninstalled the previous ones via the hardware manager. This is what caused the problems. When I went and uninstalled the drivers via remove software: remove 2k/xp nvidia drivers, I reinstalled the drivers and no problemo! Woo hoo! I can now see the full video!

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  1. Try this-
    Select only minimal options in DirectX.
    Also if you have selected "stretch' in display settings, unselect it.

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  2. It works like it should when i have all direct draw and direct3d accelerations disabled. Then the screen goes back to normal. Any ideas on how to go about fixing it?

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