Can i trust open box??

2 days ago, i found a great deal, (bought it) but it was open box "LAPTOP". anyone has any experience with newegg open box?
The manufacturer was ASUS, and the product came with 1years accidental warranty.

Please help! and tell me your experience...
I've also heard that open box does not come with accessory such as battery... etc from there fine print. Is that also true???????

Do newegg check the product before sending it??

Will my laptop be missing, but the accessory still be there? (LOL)
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  1. Yes open box means it could come with little or no accessories. It is possible to have no battery, or cord.

    Some people have very good luck with open box, my friend got an amazing deal on a Rampage 3 extreme and never looked back. Came with most of the accessories. However I also know of people that get items open box that don't work right.

    You're taking a gamble. Re-certified is better than open box in my opinion.
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