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Is it possible to shut down xp without having to hold the button in for 5 seconds.With 98 it shutdown automatically.
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  1. umm, you really dont want to do that. you can set the power button to instruct the os to shutdown fast, it shuts down without completing any disk writing it was doing. this can result in corrupt files. but it does a pretty good job of not hurting things. you really should just use start shutdown. your win98 was never shutting down, you were just cutting the power to your computer. that is a bad thing to do. you could find the setting in your bios maybe, or you dont have acpi installed correctly

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  2. I have worded this wrongly.
    What I meant to say was that I normally use,Start,Turn off computer and then I get a prompt telling me "It is now safe to switch off your computer",I then have to hold the button in for 5 seconds to switch the pc off.When I had win98 it all shut down and powered off without this inconvenience.
  3. I don’t sweat it jihiggs, these tweaks here don’t seem to shut it down that quick. If I start getting errors then I’ll think twice.

    Here are some tweaks below, but it sounds like you have other problems if you still have to push the button. I’m thinking you need to have ACPI enable and maybe further assistance if you have to push the button to shut off.

    Check out one Quick shut down

    <b>How to improve on shutdown time ? Close apps automatically & quickly at shutdown:</b>

    Open Registry by going to START-RUN and typing REGEDIT. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\CONTROL PANEL\DESKTOP and look for AutoEndTasks. On my computer default value is 0. Change it to 1. Thats all. Further more you can reduce the time it takes for Windows to issue kill directive to all active/hung applications.
    In doing this only constraint that you should make sure exists is that HungAppTimeout is greater than WaitToKillAppTimeout. Change the values of WaitToKillAppTimeout to say 3500 (since default value for HungAppTimeout 5000 and for WaitToKillAppTimeout is 20000)

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  4. I found it on here.
    I had to go to Start,Control Panel,Power System and check box marked "APM".
    It shuts down no problem now without having to touch any buttons.
  5. I’m glad you got it figured out. I had went to Start,Control Panel,Power System and don’t have the APM tab. Hmmm, So I found this <A HREF=";en-us;Q313290" target="_new"> Your Computer May Not Shut Down After You Upgrade to Windows XP</A> Is that what you did, upgrade? Anyway the links I posted, one gives you a one click shut down, and the other to speed up the shut down if you’re interested.

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