Student looking for laptop!

I have about 20 hours of classes a week so I am looking for something with good battery life. I am in my second year of Accounting and Financial Management and it is getting pretty hectic with work and co op so I carry my laptop around literally everywhere but it died recently so I am looking for a new one.

I have looked around and seen people recommend Asus and Lenovo. Also a lot of macbook pro 13'' recommendations.

You people seem like professionals and I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!
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  2. One problem with getting a Mac for finance and accounting is that the Mac version of excel is not as good. It will be fine for 99% of things, but it lacks some of the more advanced features.
  3. I'm an undergrad in economics. I've got a 17" MacBook Pro and absolutely love it for its long battery life (my 2009 model is rated for 8 hours, but with WiFi off and brightness down I've squeezed 9 hours out of it) and portability (some people would disagree about the portability of the 17", but I haven't had any issues). However, Excel for Mac is pretty bad, and you also cannot get a MacBook Pro with a number pad. Accounting and Financial Management is certainly more Excel-intensive than what I've done in Economics, so as much as I've loved my Mac you'd probably be better off with something else.
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