Replacing hdd with non hp hdd?

Hi, I have an HP g62 220ca and want to replace the harddrive because it died according to the hdd test built into the BIOS, do I need recovery discs from HP to reinstall Windows 7k cause the laptop ignores my Windows 7 disc when trying to boot from it

The harddrive I used is a seagate barricuda(not from HP)
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  1. To boot from a disc you have to have the proper boot order setup in BIOS. Make sure that your CD drive has priority over your HDD.

    You will need the HP discs to reinstall windows because the product key that came with your computer will only work on certain OEM versions of Windows. You can normally download recovery discs on the vendors website. If you have a new copy of windows that you're purchased, it should work just fine.

    To be clear, your problem, at this point, is not that you are using the wrong disc. Your computer should boot any windows 7 disc, the problems will only start once you try and enter a product key that doesn't match the version of windows.
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