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i have a satalite laptop by toshiba.My sister gave it too me,but without the windows instalation disk and no manual.I did a restore point for november,which was around the time she sent it to me and had deleted everything.I was trying to see if I could restore some family pictures she took off and ever since,when we login,the "face recognition screen comes up and says that feature is either in use by another user or has failed.Then the screen goes blank and dark blue.I cant get anywhere with this thing and I'm not that illiterate when it comes to pc's,but this one has me baffled.Any suggestions????

Please write back
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  1. You should be ble to get the USer manual directly from the Toshiba Support website and may also be able to order the restore discs, though it may also have a factory recovery feature available (if you want to go that route and lose all existing data).

    Another possible alternative would be to get an external drive case for the hard drive, remove the hard drive from the system and connect the drive to another PC. This would allow you to get the information/files from the hard drive prior to doing a restoral.
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