My compaq presario cq63 wont start

its not the power cord i have tried 3 different ones. any ideas???
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  1. oops i meant Presario CQ62 not CQ63
  2. When the power cord is plugged in are you seeing any lights come on? Its possible it could be some type of hardware failure.
  3. no light no nothing. i tryed a hard reboot and the lights flashed but then went of again. around last christmas it had a HaDrive failure but then the computer would actually start and go into rescue mode. but this time there is no sign of and power getting to the computer.
  4. Hello Liamk,

    Sounds like it could be something else then. Have you tried plugging in the adapter with the battery taken out of the unit? How old is your notebook? If this doesn't work I would recommend contacting HP. If you need any assistance please email me your product and contact information to Please include in the subject line Attn: Veronica-Toms.
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