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hi all,

I bought a radeon 8500 64Mb recently (retail version from a website in the UK - they list the manufacturer as Jetway. However the Fan on the jetway's website is different from the one on my card).The box doesn't mentioned the manufacturer, but has a stick of 275Mhz.
I installed Rage3D Tweaker and it reads Core/Clock @ 274.5Mhz default.
Checking the board phisycally, I noted that the last digit of the memory (hynix)is 4. Therefore I concluded that it should be 4ns and so the core/clock speeds shouldn't be 275Mhz.

How can I find out the speeds of the card and also the board manufacturer??

Help appreciated....

PS: The card is performing very well and I haven't OCed it..
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  1. 275/275 sounds right for that card, and if its performing well I dont think you have anything to worry about.

    Sex is like a card game, if you dont have a good partner you better have a good hand.
  2. yeah that is the correct clock speed.

    but you could probably overclock that beast to 300mhz memory, if you say they have a '4' on them.

    gf4TI4600s for example, have 3.6 rated ram , and they are clocked at 310 i believe.. i could be wrong, but i know im pretty close. personally, i would be happy if my radeon 8500 had 4ns ram
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