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1333 SO-DIMM in 1066?

My laptop (Toshiba Satellite M645) currently has 4 gb of 1066 ram in it. Would it be possible to buy 1333 ram and put it in? If it would work then would it be faster or should i just buy more 1066?
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  1. yes you can but memory doesn't perform exactly 1333mhz.
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    You can mix, but if you do it will run at the slower speed.

    IIRC the M645 has two memory slots, which could both have 2gb each right now, so to upgrade you would buy a new pair -- check out your current configuration with CPU-Z (the SPD tab will tell you what is in each slot, if anything).
  3. Actually it can be expanded to 2x4GB RAM
  4. So if it came with 1x4gb, all you'd need is another stick of the same speed.

    Run CPU-Z as suggested by Realbeast or if you are competent/comfortable enough, remove the cover and see what is in it.
    Optimal is always a matched pair
  5. It currently has 2X2gb sticks of 1066 in it right now. Looks like I will be getting 2X4gb of 1333!! thanks guys
  6. buy a new kit with 1333mhz so yo should be fine with no losing performance.
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