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I am buying a laptop for my son and am wondering if it is more important to have a better processor or graphics card for the game world of warcraft. i dont really have alot of money for a top of the line laptop but was wondering if that game is more cpu or graphics card intensive? Any info would be appreciated. Thx Jeff
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  1. This Acer sounds to be a good value for money with i3-370M processor and 4GB or RAM. I am not a gamer and not sure how would it perform for gaming.
  2. I'd look for an Optimus enabled Clevo laptop with your budget range.....this site is layed out very well but after a few issues with responsiveness, I don't buy there anymore

    To learn about clevo....
  3. I would consider this to be the minimum laptop you would want to buy.
    Games need both processing and graphics power although they rely more heavily on the graphics card. Just a processor will not play many games besides facebook games.
    This laptop has a graphics card build into the processor and then another separate. Although it is refurbished I wouldn't worry too much ASUS is know to be one of the best laptop companies.
  4. Definitely go with a Llano based processor laptop (AMD A6, A8) if you are looking for something under $600. Best bang-for-buck gaming solution in a laptop.
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