XPS 15 VS Alienware Mx11

Im thinking of buying a laptop. But I'm Stuck on what i should buy. I got 2 choices now...

The AlienWare MX 11

The Dell XPS 15

The links go to the specs
(just press Review and add to Basket)

I think Both of them have deals on em. There both similarly stacked up against eachother.

a few points of interest: Alienware Mx11 || XPS 15

gt 540 M gt 524m

2nd gen Core i3 2nd gen Core i5

250 GB hard drive

8-cell 63Whr Lithium Ion battery 6-cell 56Whr Lithium Ion battery

11.6" (29 cm) Widescreen High Definition (1366x768) WLED with TrueLife 15.6"(40 cm) HD WLED TL (1366x768) 720p with 2.0 Mega Pixel Intgrated Cam
Integrated 2.0 Mega Pixel HD Camera

everything else is more or less the same.

When one laptop lacks something it makes up for it somewhere else..

i prefer a 15 inch screen over an 11 inch, but using a 540 with 11 inch has a higher performance in games

but the xps 15 has an i5 whereas mx 11 has i3.

I am buying this in the UK where everything is alot more expensive so i am not sure what the better choices are

( and feel i am getting ripped off either way though , compared to getting a desktop from US,)

so i would appreciate any feedback and advice :) ;)
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  1. ok i just stumbled upon this :Aspire 5750G


    Its only around 550 pounds and has i7, 650 gb hard disk, 4 gb RAM, gt 540m.

    I think ive found a good one herer :) anyway if you have any better suggestions feel free to tell.
  2. btw 15.6 " screen

    battery life is a bit less than the MX 11 but im not too bothered by it. i won't be using it without battry for more than 3/4 hours at a stretch anyway
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